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  • Parco_Naturale_Regionale_dell'Alcantara

    Alcantara River Park

    The one and only River Park. The Alcantara river, marks the border line between Catania and Messina.

    The Alcantara Gorges are deep incisions in volcanic rocks and cliffs, caused by the various eruptions of Mount Etna. You can reach the Gorges with a lift or by foot.

    It is 8 km away from our B&B.

    By: Valeria
  • zafferana_etnea_catania.jpg

    Honey Town

    Zafferana Etnea, a lovely village, is known for its honey: Zafferana Etnea is nicknamed ‘Città del Miele’ (Honey Town) and a staggering selection of kinds of honey are on offer: orange, lemon, mandarin, orange blossom, eucalyptus, strawberry, chestnut, pistachio, and thyme – the variety seems endless.

    It is 30 km away from Casa Mia.

    By: Valeria|
  • La_valle_de_Il_Padrino

    The Godfather

    The Arabs called it Kalaat – al Bian. After the visit of its castle, move to Fiumefreddo di Sicilia and look for the villa Castello degli Schiavi (Castle of Slaves).

    The Sicilian towns of Savoca and Forza d'Agrò outside of Taormina were also used for exterior locations.

    It is one of the most evocative buildings near Casa Mia and it is only 10 kms away from us.

    By: Valeria|
  • Castello_di_Maniace_Ducea_di_Nelson

    Maniace and Admiral Lord Nelson

    King Ferdinand I made Nelson the Duke of Bronte (a small town on the north-western foothills of Mount Etna) where still today it is possible to visit Il Castello di Nelson.

    Bronte and its castle are well worth a visit if you're staying in the Etna area, especially if you have a sweet tooth: apart from its connections to Lord Nelson the town is famed for its pistacchio nuts and its delicious pistacchio cakes and ice-creams.

    It is just 40 km away.

    By: Valeria|
  • acitrezza_faraglioni


    Just in front of Acitrezza stand the legendary Three Cyclops and Lachea Island, huge stones of lava, were thrown by Polypheme, the monster with one eye only who lived in the Volcano Etna towards Ulysses, as it is said in The Odyssey written by Omero.

    B&B Casa Mia is 30 km away.

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